Have you always wanted one of those cool custom license plates? Well, thanks to the hard work of CCC members Claudia Lee and Sara Nicely here's your chance. We need 500 people to commit to purchasing the plate and pay up-front. While we won't make the number for this year, we're going to continue collecting applications and try next year.

We'll submit this to the legislature and if it's approved, the DMV will print and issue the plates. Total cost is $20 ($10 for DMV and $10 for the CCC) for a regular plate and $50 for a personalized one ($40 for DMV, $10 for the CCC). Each year when you renew we'll get a check from the DMV for our portion of the plate sales. Here's the proposed design:


What you need to do:

  • fill out the form below and pay by credit card or send a check
  • wait until we hear from DMV if it's approved
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