Accidents in NC

As most folks know by now, there were 2 accidents in NC on Monday, March 10th. At Crowder's Mountain, long-time local and friend to many, Mark Byers, died while climbing alone.  One thing we do know is there was no anchor failure involved, despite what the Charlotte Observer article says. We have confirmed this with the park and with an actual climber evaluation of the scene.

Laurel Knob Party Report

At Camp Merrie-Woode on Saturday, May 9th, CCC and Cashiers-area climbing enthusiasts celebrated the completion of CCC's Laurel Knob acquisition. Because of the generous support of the outdoor and rock climbing industry, as well as rock climbers the world over, the loans which made the initial purchase of Laurel Knob possible are now completely paid off. Climbers from North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee and elsewhere attended the party.