UPDATE 7/4/18: 

The Forest Service decided to lift 2018 peregrine closures at NC Wall, Shortoff Mountain, Looking Glass, North Cedar, Big Lost Cove Cliffs, and Buzzard's Roost about a month and a half early! The closure for the North End of Moore's Wall has also been lifted. Please note that closures at Whitesides, Picken's Nose, Whiterock Cliff, and Buzzard's Roost will likely persist through August 15.


The annual closures for Peregrine Falcon nesting are in place from January 15 through August 15th. Please respect closure signs and notices and please note the addition of 2 new areas and the removal of the Victory Wall. It's not unusual to see these lifted early in some areas, but until we get offiicial notice from the Forest Service the following areas are closed:


  • Whitesides - routes between and including Southwest Arete and Mainline
  • Pickens Nose - all routes
  • NC Wall - routes between and including Tightrope and Bumblebee Buttress
  • Shortoff - routes between and including C.O. and Paradigm Shift
  • Big Lost Cove - all routes
  • Looking Glass North Face - right of Glass Menagerie (between and including Scott Fisher Memorial and Twisted Laurel)
  • Cedar Rock North Face - all of Northern Aggression Area (between and including Baynes Corner to Groove Thang)
  • Whiterock Cliff - all routes
  • Buzzard's Roost - all routes

The Cedar Rock closure has been updated:

Carolina Climbers Coalition, the State Wildlife Commission, and the Forest Service have been working together for the past few weeks to pinpoint the necessary closure boundaries at North Cedar. It has been a great collaborative process where both the peregrines are better protected for nesting and more climbing resources remain open. Initially, the closure stated "the Morning Glory Portion" which was inaccurate and would have unnecessarily closed all of North Cedar's 70 routes during nesting season. Due to land contours and a more accurate nest location, we narrowed down the necessary closure to the Roof of Northern Aggression Area, specifically between routes Baynes Corner and Groove Thang. Classics further left like Cut in the Rug and the ice at Cedar Gem will remain open year round, but that further left area will have to be accessed via the Butter Gap trail from the north. There is not a good trail coming in from Butter Gap Trail, take the Butter Gap Trail about 1/2 mile, then cut uphill off trail and you'll find it. DO NOT ENTER the base of the Roof of Northern Aggression Area during nesting season. The signs were posted today at these closure areas. The attached map has been approved by the FS and State Wildlife Commission. It is also important to note that this closure typically runs Mid Jan- Mid Aug but is often lifted early based on the fledglings. Updates on this closure will be made in Southern Pisgah Rock and Ice, the upcoming guide book fromgrounduppublishing.com.