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Crowder's Mountain

Land Manager: State of NC, Crowders Mountain State Park

Area Rep: Paul Klem

Crowders Mountain State Park provides convenient climbing near a major NC city. With easily accessible top rope anchors on a number of crags and quality bolted lead routes, Crowders has a little something for everyone. Throw in the Dixon School Road boulders (reached via the aptly named Boulders entry) and you have quite the climbing resource.

This same proximity to a big city and easy access also make for sometimes crowded conditions, particularly on nice weekends. Please be careful when accessing the tops of the crags and spires at Crowders, slip and fall accidents are entirely too common here.


Crowders is located in Kings Mountain, NC just outside of Charlotte. You can find full info on the park on their web site.

What to Expect

Fun climbing on interesting rock with sport and trad routes ranging from 5.5 to 5.13. Be aware that this is a popular area and you will likely be sharing the crag with a number of other climbers.

Climbing Management Plan and Policy

Please review the NC State Park Climbing Management Plan here.  Contact your area CCC representative with any questions regarding the CMP. 

Access notes

  • Both the roped climbing and the bouldering are in the state park and subject to their regulations, including the need to fill out a permit
  • Crowders has special limitations on organized groups and a limited number of group permits per day
  • New routes are not permitted
  • No roped climbing at Dixon School Road, bouldering only
  • Please repect the closure times posted on the sign in the parking lot and plan to be back at your car before the area closes
  • Tower Trail entrance. When the parking lot reaches capacity, rangers are now closing the parking lot and access points until space is available.

    They will install temporary barricades and signage closing the entryway to the parking lot, shoulders of the road in front of the entrance and also the Tower Trail gate entrance lot next to the parking lot. They will leave the closure in effect for approx. 1.5 hours but it can be opened as soon as 45 minutes if the park staff feels the congestion has thinned out enough to re-open.

    It's very important to note that there is no parking or pulling off temporarily on the shoulder or at the Tower Trail gate entrance lot. If you need to turn around you must continue down the road until you find a safe turn around spot. Please use safe judgement and be sure not to stop in the road, block the road or illegally U-turn. This is for your own safety due to the traffic coming down this road, possible blind curves and not to mention some cars travel down this road at excessive speeds.

    Some locals have opened up their property for park and walk, be sure to donate or pay for parking if you go that route. You can also hit up Hidden Wall or Dixon School Rd. boulders instead.


Backcountry camping is available in the park. Do not camp in non-designated areas.


Crowders is well covered in Carolina Rocks - the Piedmont.